Handle parking violations. Swiftly. Simply.
iCite is a system for citing and organizing parking violations for your college campus. Learn More »

Cite quickly from
your phone or any
web-compatible device.

iCite's innovative app-based software system allows you to file a citation from your smartphone, send it in, and get on with your day. No special hardware required.

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Clean. Efficient.

Once filed, the citation goes straight to a central database. A paper ticket goes into the student's mailbox, and a notification drops into their e-mail inbox. iCite's flexible database can produce any sort of list you need — based on the offender, the vehicle, type of offense, or whatever else — making it a great deal easier to write reports.

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Save Money and
Stay Covered All Year.

With iCite's unique payment system, we charge you by the ticket for using our software. This gives you the full value of the system all year long, but you won't have to pay as much when students aren't on campus.

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Keep Your
Students' Data Safe.

As a higher education subcontractor, iCite is 100% FERPA compliant — with our SSL encryption, your information is as secure as it would be on any of your own systems. A comprehensive permission system ensures that the only people editing the data are the people who ought to be.

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You have our software up and running in minutes. iCite's support staff may also help you transfer old records from previous systems.